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Galbani Mozzarella Cucina 400g

Product Details

Galbani Mozzarella Cucina 400g is a fresh mozzarella in block form.

The block format makes it easy to slice and, thanks to its low water content and its vacuum-sealed packaging, it is perfect for cooking as it melts perfectly in hot dishes leaving no water residue.

Galbani Mozzarella Cucina is ideal for hot or oven-baked dishes, such as tasty pizzas and baked pasta dishes.

Keep refrigerated.

Galbani Mozzarella Cucina 400g is available in Waitrose, Budgens, Ocado and Amazon Fresh.

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Suitable for vegetarians: Yes


  • Pasteurised cow’s milk

  • Salt

  • Rennet

  • Acidity regulator: citric acid