Galbani cheese dates back to 1882, when father and son Davide & Egidio Galbani first began working within the dairy industry in Ballabio, a small village in the valley of the Lombard Alps. Their first cheese product was called “Rabiola”. First Galbani logos


As production increased, Davide and Egidio Galbani's products' gained more success beyond the Italian border with their cheeses receiving multiple awards in Brussels, Paris and Munich exhibitions. These numerous awards helped to build the company's reputation and contributed towards the expansion of the brand across new frontiers to meet consumers' demands.


1900 Paris Exhibition Jury Awards On receiving confirmation of his early success and his career in the dairy industry, Egidio said: "The fact that the Jury of the 1900 Paris Exhibition (which was attended by producers of this kind from all countries) awarded me the First Prize is the most flagrant and irrefutable proof that my specialities can compete with those from other countries." - Egidio Galbani -  


Creation of Bel Paese cheese Creation of Bel Paese: the flagship cheese of Galbani was later known as "the King of Cheeses." Egidio wanted to create a cheese with the same characteristics as French cheeses with a subtle aroma and delicious taste. Bel Paese is unique in its characteristics and for not having a direct link to any specific geographical region like most cheeses: Egidio succeeded in creating a modern product that felt familiar to everyone.  


The Galbani company opened a new site in the city of Melzo after the historical site of Cascina Triulza closed. Situated next to the modern and fast improving railway system, the location enabled cheeses to easily reach Milan and the entire Lombary region. The site was constructed with a main hall, milk reception areas, horse stables, warehouse and a few houses (designated for the Galbani family and employees).


Old Galbani Factory The Galbani family business survived virtually unscathed from the First World War because the production of soft cheeses was dedicated for armed forces and hospitals ensured by a consortium. After the First World War, Egidio invested in new and innovative refrigeration systems for the Melzo factory. During this period, the business continued to grow and in May 1920 he founded the "Société Egidio Galbani". The company promised to focus on "the trading of dairy products in general and its derivatives". The new company was formed by brothers Egidio and Giuseppe, Giacomo (son of Giuseppe) and other entrepreneurs from the area.


The Giussago Dairy (in the Pavie department) The Giussago Dairy (located in Pavia, near Milan) started its milk processing activity. It produced the famous Bel Paese cheese and the delicious Galbani Mascarpone.


Galbani employs over 1000 employees, owns 56 warehouses across Italy and continues its global expansion with 4 subsidiaries, 32 warehouses and 108 headquarters worldwide.


Galbani launched into the meat market through the acquisition of the Melzo delicatessen factory, specialising in the production of mortadella, cooked ham and dry sausages.


Galbani entered the heart of every Italian with its famous slogan “Galbani means trust”. The same year, Galbani Mozzarella Santa Lucia was launched on the market and became a major product in the brand's history. The Santa Lucia Mozzarella, as it was conceived in 1956, is characterised by its particular shape: it recalled an elongated sphere tightened in the middle that makes it look like an "8"; it is still packaged in wooden boxes with ice.  


Galbani History - Milk collect Milk was still transported in conventional cans, delivered and collected in the morning and evening. In 1970, the quantities of milk increased as well as the miles travelled each day.  


The Gorgonzola D.O.P logo The first official Gorgonzola Consortium was created in Novara. Galbani was one of the founding companies of the Consortium whose purpose was to "protect and monitor the production and trade of Gorgonzola and the use of its designation". There are a lot of rules around the production of this cheese and it is important for them to be respected. Only a few departments in Piedmont and Lombardy have the right to produce the famous Gorgonzola cheese.


Lactalis Group Logo Galbani is now part of Lactalis Group and has been the Italian’s favourite cheese brand for many years: The Galbani group is the Italian leader in the dairy produce market and one of the top manufacturers in the cured meats market. We sell more than 300 products in 50 different countries. The brand comes with a plethora of history, awards and plenty of charm to continue to expand and mark its global presence in the dairy world.


Galbani celebrates its 130th birthday.


Galbani celebrates its 140th Anniversary