Apricots with Galbani Ricotta cream

Apricots with Galbani Ricotta cream - Galbani

A perfect gourmet dessert for summer time: quick and easy to make.

Wash and dry the apricots. Then, remove the stone and cut the apricots in small dices. Add a few drops of lemon juice in order to prevent them from turning black. Then add 50g of cane sugar. Let stand and stir a couple of times.

Sweeten the Galbani Ricotta with the remaining 100g of sugar. Then, add 15 ml of orange liquor and mix it until you get a smooth and compact cream.

Take the glass ramekins. Place the Galbani ricotta cream at the bottom, then add the apricot dices. For even more indulgence, you can add a hint of whipped cream on top.

The dessert is ready. For hot summer evenings, this type of recipe is the perfect compromise between a sweet and fruity dessert.

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